Our Philosophies

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

— William Shakespeare

What we believe at Kindred Paths Nature School is simple: we strive to create a safe space where children can explore, take risks, play, learn, and grow. We believe that children excel when they are outside and engaging in free play with their friends; they learn how to solve conflicts, share, and use an imagination that isn’t constrained by walls or too many rules. They grow to be resilient and brave, strengthening their bodies both physically and emotionally while gaining community and skills.


Our curriculum is child-led, focused on the changing seasons, and what is going on directly around us. We follow the moon and its cycles to understand time and seasonal change. Every cycle will have a theme that will guide our learning, play, and creating.

Kindergarten Readiness We help to prepare children attending our preschool for kindergarten and later school years by creating an environment that values routine and curiosity. Additionally, we will work on counting, recognizing patterns, simple math, word comprehension, letter sounds, handwriting as opportunities present themselves throughout our day. We focus on positive group behavior, learning through our mistakes and accidents while acknowledging positive growth and behavior.

Enrichments Even though we like to spend as much time as possible playing in the woods and by the river and lake, we also like to add in enriching activities to aid in our developmental goals for the children. These activities give children opportunities to express themselves and teach them new skills and interests. Some of our more regular enrichments include outdoor cooking, music and dance, storytelling, and art and crafts. These enrichments follow our themes, creating a full circle of learning throughout our day.