About Us

The School

Kindred Paths Nature School opened in the Fall of 2020 with the goal of creating a space where children could explore, take risks, play, learn, and grow. Our indoor classroom is in the French River Lutheran Church; a space where kids can cozy up and look at a book, play, and learn. However, we spend very little time indoors, choosing instead to play and learn in the woods, on the beach, and by the river.

We are proud to be a three-star rated Parent Aware program. Due to our rating, qualifying families are able to use Early Learning Scholarships (up to $6000 a year!) provided by the Northland Foundation. Parent Aware is an amazing organization that helps to facilitate grant money going to schools like ours and provides families with resources such as information on choosing a preschool and low-income assistance. Their website, parentaware.org, has all of these resources and more!

The Teachers

Mr. Zach grew up in Oregon and in Upstate New York before attending Prescott College in Prescott, AZ. There he received his degree in Adventure Education while also spending some of his time at Northland College in Ashland, WI. After school, he moved to Duluth, MN and started Kindred Paths with Ms. Lane, becoming traveling teachers to other nature-based programs in the Duluth Area for two years. He loves to cook over the fire, go for long hikes, and look at rocks on the shore.

Ms. Lane has always lived along the shores of Lake Superior, first in Superior, WI and then Duluth, MN before attending Northland College. She studied Outdoor Education and along the way developed programs for kids on Madeline Island during the summer months. After School, she co-founded Kindred Paths and moved back to Duluth and her home by the French River. She loves playing music, dancing, and telling stories, and she always knows when the next full moon is.

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